Lenneke's issue?

Like many people, Lenneke's goal was to lose weight. For almost 4 years Lenneke trained 2-3 times a week without really getting results. Her courage had almost sunk to the ground but in the end Lenneke chose food & lifestyle coaching. She has been doing this for 5 months now and has started to see real results.

Lenneke's result?

Lenneke has been doing food & lifestyle coaching for about 5 months now and has already achieved her goal. Her goal was to lose at least 8 kilos. Meanwhile, Lenneke has lost 10 kilos and is still doing well. Without a drastic diet and giving up everything she likes, she has succeeded. She still enjoys her cappuccino and wine and eating out. She feels a lot better and fitter and is able to keep up the motivation.





Lenneke has chosen Food & lifestyle coaching, which is part of the Weight loss programme. The Food & lifestyle coaching is aimed at sustainable weight loss without having to follow a very strict diet. "You can give a man fish and he can eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish....he can eat for a life time." This is also how we handle our nutrition coaching. We teach you everything you need to know about nutrition so you can apply it yourself. We focus not only on healthy eating but also on your whole lifestyle. During the coaching we stay in touch twice a week via WhatsApp and you use our food app for guidance and monitoring.

Why the Weight Loss Programme

At Beyondfit, we always look together at which programme suits you best and matches your goals. Lenneke's goal was to lose at least 8 kilos or more. Food & lifestyle coaching was therefore a good option for Lenneke. Lenneke did not want a strict diet but something that fitted into her lifestyle. Before Lenneke started the programme she had no understanding of macronutrients and what role they had in her weight loss goals. Finally, she needed the right support to really get that result. She was missing motivation, knowledge and a big stick. That is why food & lifestyle coaching was the right option for Lenneke.

The story of Lenneke

I have been training with BeyondFit for a number of years with great pleasure. This has helped me to feel strong and fit. But the last step to reaching my goal and feeling good and confident in my body was achieved by changing my eating habits. This seemed so hard to do, but thanks to the Food & lifestyle coaching programme I have been able to find a healthier and more nutritious diet, and it wasn't even as hard as I expected. With good tips, regular check-ins and some discipline, I have now managed to lose weight steadily while feeling fitter every day and still enjoying food. It doesn't feel like a diet at all! I started at 92 kilos and now I'm 82 and still gradually losing weight and fat% while gaining muscle. I finally have the tools and control over my health.

The Story of David

Lenneke was determined to change and she was willing to do her best with our support to see results. She was available at any time, she was involved weekly and asked questions when I told her to adjust her protein or increase her carbs because she wanted to understand WHY! And this is the key to learning - understanding! I started the coaching with small steps and slowly taught her how to eat well for her body. In the first 2 weeks she already started to lose weight by just listening and taking action on the points we discussed and this motivated her enormously.

I am very proud of her and what I see different compared to others who did not achieve the same great results is:
Wanting change (commitment)
Asking WHY (wanting to understand and learn)
Being open-minded. Some people believe that you can only lose weight with a diet and we don't use this. They then often go back to crash diets etc.
✓ Making an effort (trying to carry out the tasks and action points we discussed every week)

"You don't have to eat less, you just have to eat right.

Are you curious what the Weight Loss Programme can do for you? You can schedule a free intake so that together we can look at your goals and determine whether the Weight Loss Programme is suitable for you.

How can I start Personal Training?

It always starts with small steps. If you would like to start with personal training and think that we can help you well, it starts with a free intake. These are the steps to take.


Free intake interview

During the intake we will look together at what you are struggles are, discuss your goals and find out how we can help you.


Free trial lesson

On the basis of the intake interview, we will put together a suitable trial session. During the trial session we will do an extensive body scan and you will do the first exercises together with your personal trainer.


Getting started

If everything is to your liking and ours, we can get started. You will notice that training takes some getting used to in the beginning, but you will feel at home at Beyondfit from the very first moment.

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