The issue of Maddalena?

Madalena has tried many different diets to lose weight, but it never really worked out. She struggled with a healthy eating pattern and was often confused about what was the right way to eat healthily. Her goal was to live a healthier life and lose weight in the process.

The result of Maddalena?

Madalena managed to achieve her goals very nicely and is still doing very well. It took a little longer than planned due to holidays and corona, but in the end she did it!





Madalena has chosen the Weight loss programme. The weight loss programme is aimed at sustainable weight loss without having to follow a very strict diet. With the weight loss programme you will train 2 - 3 times a week, of which 2 times strength training and 1 or 2 times a week walking. You will also be supported by a nutrition coach who will teach you a healthy diet and lifestyle. You will be in contact with your coach twice a week via WhatsApp and will use our food app for guidance and monitoring. Want to know more about the Weight Loss programme? Click below to see how the full programme works.

Why the Weightloss programme?

The weight loss programme fitted well with Madalena's goals and wishes because she wanted to lose weight and sought a long-term solution. She wanted a healthier lifestyle and to know more about a healthy eating pattern. With the weight loss programme, we have taught her everything she needs to know about healthy food so that she can apply this in her daily life.

The Story of Maddalena

I am very happy that I found you. I still apply everything I learnt from you and not only in the field of nutrition, because for me you were more like a life coach!

The story of Carmen

It was a lot of fun to coach maddy. She is such a cheerful person, always positive and she was very motivated. Because the coaching is quite intensive and personal you really get to know each other. I can really tell that she was eager to learn because there were some difficult times during the journey but she still kept it up. The fact that she is still losing weight and performing better and better, even without me by her side, shows me that she has gotten to know her body and she now really knows how to take care of it.

"Consistency doesn't mean never messing up, it means never giving up".

Are you curious what the Weightloss programme can do for you? You can schedule a free intake so that together we can look at your goals and determine whether the Weightloss programme is suitable for you.

How can I start Personal Training?

It always starts with small steps. If you would like to start with personal training and think that we can help you well, it starts with a free intake. These are the steps to take.


Free intake interview

During the intake we will look together at what you are struggles are, discuss your goals and find out how we can help you.


Free trial lesson

On the basis of the intake interview, we will put together a suitable trial session. During the trial session we will do an extensive body scan and you will do the first exercises together with your personal trainer.


Getting started

If everything is to your liking and ours, we can get started. You will notice that training takes some getting used to in the beginning, but you will feel at home at Beyondfit from the very first moment.

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"Hopefully you can gain many new insights by reading the Beyondfit brochure and find out what Beyondfit stands for. Have fun reading in advance and if you have any questions during or after reading we would love to hear from you!"

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Feel confident

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