Building fitness

Would you like to get fitter and build better fitness? In this article we will tell you how to build your fitness.

Good fitness is not only important when you do a lot of sports but also has many benefits through your daily life. For example, good fitness increases lung capacity, energy and blood flow to your body. With good fitness, your stamina increases and you will feel less tired.

Building fitness

What is fitness

Many people think your fitness is just your endurance. Stamina is a big part of your fitness but your fitness is also about speed, strength, coordination and agility. Your fitness says something about your cardiovascular endurance, in other words, to what extent you are able to sustain intense efforts. This is also where the word cardio comes from. There are different ways and sports how you can build fitness.

How can you build your fitness?

There are different ways and sports how you can build fitness, so this does not have to be only with running. To build up your condition, the most important thing is to get your heart rate up. This is often done with cardio exercises such as interval training or endurance sports. Some examples of cardio exercises are rollerblading, swimming, cycling or running.

Interval workouts

In interval training, you train with short intervals. You alternate moments of more intense sport with moments of rest. You can create your own schedule for this, making it a little harder each week. For example, the first week you start with 1 minute of stretching and 5 minutes of walking and each week you can run one minute longer or walk one minute shorter.

Endurance training

In endurance training, you perform the same sport at a constant pace for a longer period of time. The intensity here is a bit lower but you try to keep it up for as long as possible to build up your fitness. Endurance training can be considered boring for some people because you are doing the same thing for a long time. Always choose a sport that you enjoy so that you can keep it up for as long as possible.

HIIT training

A HIIT workout is a quick way how you can build fitness. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. So it's a more intense form of normal interval training where your heart speeds up. A HIIT workout consists of several vigorous exercises that you perform in quick succession with a short period of rest. HIIT training not only improves fitness but also fat bandaging and muscle building. You can easily build your fitness at home with a HIIT workout.

How long does fitness building take

How quickly you build fitness depends on how often you exercise, how intensely and for how long. If you train regularly, you can see some progress after just a few weeks. For best results, it is best to train 3 - 5 times a week with a duration of 30-60 minutes depending on the intensity.

Building fitness at Beyondfit

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