Dietician in Amsterdam West

  • 5 days per week open
  • No waiting list
  • No referral required
  • Start within 24 hours
  • Contract with all health insurances

Feeling fit, having more energy, working on your health, losing weight or gaining the right weight. Whatever your goal is, at the Beyondfit dietitian practice in amsterdam we are here to help. With the right guidance from our dieticians, you develop a healthy and sustainable eating pattern. In addition to training and nutrition, a balance between work, relaxation and sleep is essential. We are happy to help you (back) find your healthy balance.

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Beyondfit is dé plek voor personal training en groepsfitness in Amsterdam. Beyondfit is een kleinschalig health concept in Amsterdam-West waar je onder begeleiding van medische professionals werkt aan je gezondheid. Onze doelgerichte programma’s focussen op beweging, voeding en lifestyle. Schrijf je hier in voor een Gratis Proefles, iedereen is welkom!