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The Beyondfit working method

1. Intake

Before you get started at Beyondfit, an intake will take place. This is completely free and non-binding so you can see if Beyondfit is for you. During the intake you will meet with one of our coaches. Together we will discuss your goals and wishes. Plan your intake here.

Using a questionnaire, we explore how we can best help you. What are you doing well now? What could be improved? And where can we make adjustments?

During the intake we also do an Inbody scan where we examine your body composition. Depending on your struggles, personal lifestyle, fitness level and possible injuries, we advise which program is best for you.

Tour & Trial class
After the scan, we will give you a tour of the gym so you can get a good idea of the facilities and experience the atmosphere for a while. Don't forget to bring your sportswear. You may also take a free trial class.

2. Inbody scan

Because every person is unique, we want to get the best possible picture of your body composition. To measure this, we use the Inbody device. In a body composition analysis, we look at the ratio of muscle mass, fat mass, bones and fluid. We also measure your BMI.

Benefits of the Inbody Scan:

  • Gives better picture of your body than just measuring your BMI
  • Very high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Measure your body as it is - There are no estimates such as gender, age or physical condition
  • Indicates what you need to work on (weight loss, building muscle mass)

3. Free Trial Class

Based on the intake and inbody scan, we design a customized training program. Together we will work on different exercises focusing on posture, technique and preventing or improving injuries. During the trial class we look at your physical condition and identify areas of improvement so we know what you can best work on to achieve your goals. Everything is recorded so you can (possibly) get started immediately if you want to enroll at Beyondfit. The trial class always ends with a flexibility test so that we have a good picture of your overall performance in order to put together the best program. Simply schedule your intake online.

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Frequently asked questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about how we work below.
Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us.

Are the intake and trial lessons free of charge?

Yes, the intake and trial lesson are completely free of charge and without obligation. So you are not tied to anything yet.

How long does the intake last?

The intake takes 30 minutes in total. This is divided into 20 minutes for the interview with the questionnaire and 10 minutes for the Inbodyscan.

How long does the trial lesson last?

The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes during which we do a fitness test and a short training.

Why is an intake important?

In order to reach a solution, you first need to understand the problem. The intake enables us to understand your history, your current situation and where you want to go (goal). With this information, we can then decide which solution is best for you.

Can I schedule a trial lesson immediately after the intake?

Yes, we recommend doing the trial lesson immediately after the intake. This ensures that we can gather all data at once and can offer the right solution for you.

What should I bring to the intake and trial lesson?

We recommend to do the trial lesson immediately after the intake. Therefore it is always convenient to wear sportswear. We also hope for an "I CAN" mentality and an open mind.

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