Online coaching

Are you struggling to get a grip on your health and become the best version of yourself? Are you missing that little bit of guidance?

The online coaching provides just that extra bit of support and guidance you need to really start seeing results.


Without good health, you have nothing!

Get a better grip on your health and goals

Making your health priority No. 1 will also transfer this mindset to other aspects of your life. Becoming the best version of yourself and getting the most out of life starts with yourself first.

Do you want more control over your health? Or do you lack the right knowledge and guidance to get real results? With all the information available these days, it can be hard to figure out what is right and what is not. The online personal coaching program aims to teach you a strong foundation and guide you through your fit, strong and disciplined journey.


I believe that good health is essential to overcome life's challenges and to get the most out of life.


I teach you how to take back control of your health through educational coaching - Nutrition, Sports and Mindset

"CAN DO" Mindset

The right mindset is important when you want to work on your health and become the best version of yourself. With online coaching I teach you all about adopting the right mindset

Long-lasting result

We do not work for short term but build a strong foundation through proper knowledge, application and perseverance.

Online coaching packages

Check out the different packages for online coaching here and find out which one is right for you



Intensive coaching

✓ 8 weeks

✓ 2x per week contact moment



Moderate coaching

✓ 8 weeks

✓ 1x every 2 weeks coaching




✓ 12 weeks

✓ 1x per month contact moment

Motivation and accountability

Online personal coaching with David Billy

"Are you just not managing to keep up the motivation and not so sure where to start? These online coaching sessions serve as motivation and accountability. Together we set up a plan and go back to basics. Through exercise, nutrition and mindset, I will teach you how to become the best version of yourself!"

David Billy

How does online coaching work?

Wondering how you can get started with online coaching with David Billy? Check out how it works here.


Schedule an Intake

Through the site you can easily schedule your own intake with David Billy. The intake will take place via zoom, and a day before the intake you will receive a reminder.


During the intake (25 min), we discuss your goals, what you want to achieve, try to understand your problems and establish a plan of action.

Getting started!

When you want to continue with the online coaching the instructions and summary of the 8 week coaching. Every Thursday the coach schedules consultation sessions to create structure and on Monday you keep in touch via WhatsApp


Do you want to create more structure in your life and regain control of your health ?

Online coach David Billy guides you and makes sure you find the structure again. Schedule a free intake interview with David


80% of your health and fitness goals are nutrition-related. Nutrition is not easy, especially when there is so much conflicting and confusing information available. If you get lost, always go back to the basics! This is what we focus on in this online coaching program:

  • Structure (eating moments)
  • Portion size (amount/calories)
  • Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, protein distribution)
  • Source of macronutrients (where do you get your nutrition, e.g. white bread or whole grain, processed or whole foods, etc.).
  • Variety & sustainability (long-term thinking)
8 tips to get fit cover


Most gyms do not offer consistent guidance to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. You may have been working out for a while or plan to start, but don't know what exercises to do/how to perform them correctly and how often to work out to see results.

  • Starting on your own can be daunting and not time-saving. This is where the online coaching program comes in handy.
  • Creating a training program that works
  • Add structure to your workout routine
  • Posture correction and technique
  • Accountability & Oversight


You can have knowledge and skills, but if you don't implement them and take action you won't get anywhere. Mindset is everything! In this program you will learn to cultivate self-discipline by:

  • Complete small tasks (creates self-confidence to tackle even bigger obstacles in your life)
  • Create an action plan (this gives you direction leading to your goal)
  • Frequent progress monitoring (creates an adaptive mindset that helps you respond well to change, challenges and make improvements)
  • Create new habits (habits that not only benefit your health, but also support you in your day to day life).

CASES from our customers

Want to know I improved our clients' lifestyles? Read the experiences below.

I worked with David on an eight-week program to lose weight and ...
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I worked with David on an eight-week program to lose weight while maintaining muscle. Within those eight weeks, I learned a lot about workout routines, but especially about nutrition. Long-term change happens when you find balance and understand the role mindset, nutrition, rest, cardio and weights play in achieving your goals. The diet and training plan was easy to follow and I looked forward to it. Consistency and patience is what David emphasized and it was good that a coach gave me the encouragement needed to keep going when I felt demotivated. Professional, fun and tailored to my goals and needs, I highly recommend David's program as he provides his clients with tools they can use for a lifetime.
Since David has been coaching me, I am at a target weight I never thought I would be....
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Since David has been coaching me, I am at a target weight I never thought I could reach. With his knowledge, determination, mindfulness and positivity, he actually managed to take me through the process so much that a year later I am still happy with the lasting results. You learn what works for your body, without dieting or being hungry. So basically knowledge for life, for which I am super grateful to David. Highly recommended for everyone 🙂 !
I was coached by David for several months and apart from the results (which were tangible) ...
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I was coached by David for several months and apart from the results (which were tangible) I was impressed by his positive attitude, availability and vast knowledge. He pays great attention to both detailed nutrition planning and workout routine, setting realistic goals while making sure you stick to them. David really helped me build my mindset and cultivate discipline I never thought I had. From never going to the gym to having my own home gym. Absolutely highly recommended!
"After I did the online program with David, I realize that I have lost my ...
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"After doing the online program with David, I realize that I would not have changed my eating habits and curiosity when it came to food products. David has the knowledge to expertly answer all questions and offers alternatives and advice along the way. He can point you in the right direction not only with dietary habits, but also with activity habits to make a complete approach to staying healthy. Above all, David is not judgmental at all and has great patience to motivate all the time. David, I appreciate your positivity and listening skills!"
David Billy

Would you like to know more about me?

I believe that the challenges we go through life are not here to stop us, but are rather stepping stones to personal growth in order to become the person we need to be to be worthy of our destiny. It is our duty to make sure we take care of our HEALTH and cultivate the right MINDSET to overcome life's obstacles. Without these two components, I would have never been able to achieve the things that have achieved today. This is my God-given gift and I want to share it with you!

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have a question about the online coaching program? Read all frequently asked questions here and find out if your question may already have been answered.

Can I see results in 8 weeks?
Yes, you can. If you fully commit and listen carefully to your coach's action points, you can certainly already see results.
How do I know which package is best for me?
During the intake, the coach will work with you to determine the appropriate package. This depends on your nutritional knowledge, fitness level and Mindset.
Can I pause the program when I go on vacation?
Yes you can, but we do not recommend this. The online coaching is meant to help you especially in difficult times such as on vacation. The idea is to offer you knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life in any situation.
Can I also pay in 2 installments?
Unfortunately, this is not possible
Sustainable weight loss

Are you just not managing to achieve your sports goals, and do you keep falling back into your old patterns?

Sometimes all you need is a little support and guidance. Get real results this time with my online coaching. Schedule an intake without obligation.