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Now that all of us are confined to our homes due to the Coronavirus, we’ve seen so many ineffective workouts and health advice pass by online the last few weeks. Training is an important element to stay fit but only if done correctly. And without the right balanced nutrition, achieving your health goals will be a challenge. Do you want to be stronger, fitter and healthier? Try our beyondfit online home program –  HomeFIT . Personal and results focused.

Personal Training

This result-oriented personal training concept consists of one-on-one training, dietetics and coaching. The program offers optimum support and therefore we guarantee results. Everyone has a reason to look for a personal trainer. At Beyondfit we listen to your story, analyze your situation and needs. Our team draws up a plan together with you that matches your objectives.

Weight loss

We do not believe in dieting, because that only gives short-term results and leads to the well-known yo-yo effect. The only way to achieve lasting results is to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Beyondfit weight loss is a program that has been developed to achieve permanent results.

Small group training

Do you want to get fit, strong and toned? And are you looking for fitness in a small group with the benefits of personal attention from a personal trainer? Then our Small Group Training program is what you need. We pay attention to good posture and technique. The workouts are challenging and fit the purpose of your goal.

Seniors Fitness

It has been proven that exercising is crucial for the elderly to stay fit and healthy for a longer period of time and to prevent various illnesses. Are you 60 plus? Do you experience a barrier with exercising? Do you have little to no sports experience? Then come to Beyondfit for our senior fitness classes. The perfect solution if you want to get fit in your 60s.

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Beyondfit is the place for personal training and group fitness in Amsterdam West. Beyondfit is a small-scale health concept in Amsterdam West where you work on your health under the guidance of medical professionals. Our targeted programs focus on excercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Register here for a Free Trial Session, everyone is welcome!