Nutrition coach

Do you want a healthy dietwithout having to follow strict regulations?

A healthy diet is important if you want to lose weight sustainably. Do you want to know more about a healthy lifestyle? At Beyondfit we teach you everything you need to know about the right food and a healthy eating pattern.

Losing weight starts in the kitchen cover


Feeling fit, having more energy, working on your health, losing weight or getting to the right weight. Whatever your goal, at Beyondfit we are here to help. With professional guidance from our nutrition & lifestyle coaches, you will develop a healthy and sustainable eating pattern. Besides training and nutrition, a balance between work, relaxation and sleep is essential. We are happy to help you (back) find your healthy balance.

Why nutrition coaching at Beyondfit

  • Weight loss
  • Sports nutrition
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Supplements
  • Optimal nutrition for improving your health

Meet our nutrition coach


I am extremely fascinated by the human body and brain, and how they work together. As a nutritionist coach and personal trainer, my goal is to connect with you on a personal level and support you in achieving your goals. I offer a judgment-free zone, lots of compassion, empathy and understanding, mixed with some tough love when needed - to bring out the best in you!


✓ Personal trainer
✓ Nutrionist

Losing weight starts in the kitchen cover

Why a nutrition coach?

A nutrition coach can help you gain more insight into your current eating pattern and give advice on how to improve your health in the area of nutrition.

An eating pattern that works for you

An eating pattern that fully suits your needs and wishes

an eating pattern that fits into your life

An eating pattern that fits in with your daily routine

A pattern that lasts

An eating pattern you can apply for the rest of your life

No diet

Not a strict diet that is difficult to maintain, but an eating pattern that is accessible for your life

Taking control of your health

Applying a healthy diet gives you control over your health



It is important to keep track of your progress. Every fortnight, we not only look at how much weight you have already lost but we also do a full body scan. This allows us to learn more about different parts of your body such as your fat percentage, muscle mass and size.

The 14 benefits of a nutrition coach


Prevents Emotional Eating


Enhanced Intuitive Eating


No more crash or fad diets


Learn how nutrition can affect your mental health, energy and many other aspects of life.


fixes digestive problems


Improves Bowel Health


Changing habits


Provides Fat Loss


provides muscle growth


Easy and healthy recipes


Meal preparation


Staying on track


Dealing with stressful periods in life without getting off track


From zero to hero in the kitchen - learning to be independent in the kitchen

"With Beyondfit, I finally found a concept that connects everything:
Training, nutrition, lifestyle. "

- Mariëlle Koree

Nutrition coaching programmes

€339 per 4 weeks

Nutrition counselling

12 weeks

Food diary analysis

✓ 1 on 1 weekly nutrition coaching 25-30 min

✓ Track progress every 2 weeks

€439- for 6 weeks

Nutrition counselling

6 weeks

Food diary analysis

✓ 1 on 1 weekly nutrition coaching 25-30 min

✓ Track progress every 2 weeks

€125- for 5 sessions

Strip card

Inbody scan & progress measurements

"Your regular diet is probably not as bad as you think"

Are you curious to know how you can get more out of your nutrition and make yourself feel better every day? Discover the possibilities by discussing your wishes during a free intake.

The three components of a healthy life

At Beyondfit, we believe in positively changing your life by making your health a priority. Our approach is to work on your body, your mind and your food intake to achieve long-term results.Our specialised team of trainers and nutritionists have created several successful coaching programmes by integrating these three components.

100% BODY

Focus on optimal body performance with exercises that have been proven effective. By correcting the correct posture, technique and form, you will soon see physical changes. It also reduces the risk of injury and promotes the recovery process for current complaints.

100% MIND

Learn new habits that will benefit your health and increase your self-confidence. By working 100% on your mind, you have more responsibility in the way you live and your health. You get discipline and structure for a healthier life. Beyond Fit gives you the power to develop a strong mind to overcome challenges.

100% FOOD

You are what you eat. Food is the medicine and makes you feel healthier from the inside out. Paying 100% attention to your diet is optimal for your body. Beyond Fit teaches you how to get the right food in the right way. No crash diets but sustainable and healthy. That is what you need.
7 Tips for portion sizes


Why are we not affiliated with health insurance companies?

If a nutritionist is affiliated with one of the Dutch insurers, they must follow the guidelines and protocols associated with them. This offers no room for critical judgment and improving our service. Unfortunately, it has also been shown several times that these guidelines are not always proven effective. Joining an insurance company can therefore hinder progress and also health. Hence our choice to remain independent so that we can help you optimally.

Getting started

Finding the right foodstogether

With the right guidance from our nutrition & lifestyle coaches, you will develop a healthy and sustainable eating pattern.