Why a diet plan doesn't work

Do you start a new diet plan every time hoping to lose weight quickly? But do you just not manage to lose weight in a sustainable way? Nowadays there are 100 different diets on the Internet, from detox cures to keto diets to intermitted fasting. In this article we will tell you exactly why a diet plan does not work.

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A diet plan focussed on short term

With a diet, you often want to lose a lot of weight in a shorter period of time. You work towards a target weight and when you have achieved your goal, the diet is finished. You will soon go back to your old habits and you will notice that the pounds come right back on. A diet is only a temporary solution but you will never be able to maintain it all your life. Even though a diet plan will help you lose a few pounds for a while, it will not provide you with lasting weight loss.

Diet Plan

A diet plan is hard to stick to

A diet is often difficult to maintain because it is often too strict. You start forbidding yourself or eating less so you may get hungry and tend to fall back into your old eating habits. When you backtrack, you may find yourself letting yourself go all over again because it still feels like you failed and the whole diet plan no longer works.

You adopt the wrong mindset

With the word diet, we quickly get a negative image. For almost everyone, dieting is seen as something negative and we always look up to it. This causes you to have the wrong mindset from the very beginning to lose weight permanently. This causes you to see dieting as something negative while you should approach it in a positive way. If you have already tried several diets without getting any real results, this can cause you to lose motivation and make it increasingly difficult to stick to a diet plan.

A diet plan limits your freedom

Dieting can be quite a challenge at times when you have a birthday, vacation, dinner, drinks, etc., for example. You often do not take this into account with your diet and at times like these it is difficult to keep up the diet. This may cause you to skip fun activities in order to stick to your diet plan. You limit your freedom from your social life with this and dieting can really become an obsession. You are going to make everything in your life revolve around your diet but will not end up being happier because of this.

So what can you do?

When you want to lose weight permanently, it is important that you adopt a positive attitude toward food. It is important to adopt a healthy eating pattern without prohibiting yourself. Choose healthy alternatives and don't try to change your diet all at once. Your focus should not only be on losing weight but on an overall healthier lifestyle. A strong foundation is important and by adjusting small habits one step at a time, you can more easily maintain this and you will eventually see that this can lead to sustainable weight loss.

Nutrition coaching with Beyondfit

"Dont give someone fish, rather teach them how to fish so they can eat for a long time". This is how we approach our nutrition coaching. At Beyondfit, we teach you a strong foundation so you can start applying it yourself. We don't put you on a strict diet plan but teach you all about healthy eating. We find it important that you adopt the right mindset and get a positive attitude towards nutrition. Ask for a free intake on our website and together we can see how we can help you best.

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