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Food is one of the main human necessities. Good nutritious and wholesome foods help us to:

▪︎ Stay alive

▪︎ Provide energy to move & work

▪︎ Repair tissues

▪︎ Build new cells

▪︎ Build muscle

▪︎ Maintain a healthy weight

▪︎ Prevent and fight infections

▪︎ Feel good

Our team has up to 12 years experience of working in the medical, health and fitness industry. During this time, we have noticed that the main thing that stands in the way of our clients from achieving a healthier and fitter body, is food!

Now some of us will be able to enjoy the benefits mentioned above☝. But It does require willpower, effort, knowledge, self-care, and self respect!

Having said that, let us introduce you to the well-known 80-20 rule. 80% eat to nourish your body - aligned to your health and fitness goals. 20% eat to satisfy your sweet tooth, cravings, desires and comfort.

This way, you create a sustainable healthy body, mind and lifestyle. Anything else would be a diet and short-lived.

Remember, Healthy eating is a form of self-respect!