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Some seasonal runners will drastically increase their training volume. Others will go back to speed and intervals.

In all these cases, there are certain rules to consider in order to reduce the risk of developing nasty overuse injuries.

Run for fun or to lose weight?

In both cases, the same rules apply when it comes to respect the 8 goldens rules.

Running is a nice sport for your health and also to lose weight. However, it’s very important to respect the limit of our body and follow some rules.

Don’t over train, majority of injuries come from a surcharge on the anatomical structures. Running too much can create a stressful mechanism on your joints, bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles… which at the end will weaken your structure and could possibly lead to develop pain or injuries.

Go for a progressive training, volume, intensity, frequency have to be adapted to your physical condition and goals. Very important to go progressively to avoid injuries. Ask advice to a professional before trying to run a marathon!

Adapt your surface, whether you run on the treadmill, on the road, on a track or in the forest, the most important thing is to change the surface. Running on the same surface will cause a repetitive biomechanical stress on your joints. Adopting the cross-country surface might be a good option due to its irregular and firm surface. Your body will be in constant adaptation.

Get stronger, strengthening is an essential part of a running program. Strength exercises allow to correct the muscle imbalances, improve the muscle activation and reduce the risk of injury. It will also naturally improve your performance by improving the biomechanics, you will save on the energy wasted and run faster.

Choose the right shoes, no need to be overwhelming if you don’t know which running shoes are the best for you. The best advice is to ask a professional to help you with this choice. It will depend on the brand, your posture, your goals, your foot type, your running biomechanic… so do not hesitate to ask for advice.

Rhythm is the key, the ideal numberof steps is approximatively 170-180 per minute. This allows to minimize the impact with the ground for reducing the mechanical stress on the joint and also the loss of energy.

Do not forget to warm up, it helps you to increase your body temperature and heart rate. More blood flow in your muscles and helps to prevent the risk of injury.

We are what we eat, food directly impacts on our performances and injuries. Having a balance in nutrition helps you to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body. For any questions our team is here to guide you with the nutrition part.

If you are an avid runner or a beginner, we are here to support you in reaching your goal and provide you a complete supervision, whether nutrition, training or mind motivation.

Beyondfit team.