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Feeling at home. Most people dread the gym, going there can feel very uncomfortable and intimidating. Not at Beyondfit.

Because of the small nature of our gym we know exactly who is coming and going and the traffic is minimized to ensure safety regarding current COVID-19 measures.

At Beyondfit our three services physiotherapy, nutrition coaching en personal training are perfectly attuned to each other! This way we can provide full circle lifestyle coaching for long term results ⁠

  • The nutritionist will be connected with your personal trainer to ensure you attain your weight goals as soon as possible! ⁠

  • If you have injuries of weak spots, you receive physiotherapy inhouse. The physio communicates with your personal trainer to ensure your training sessions are adjusted accordingly. ⁠

  • If your posture needs to be corrected, your personal trainer will communicate with the physiotherapist. ⁠

During the training we always focus on technique to build a durable body with long term strength! This will not only benefit your weight, but results in more confidence, improves your natural posture and it makes you more resilient against injuries .⁠

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Tweede Kostverlorenkade 130HS

1053 SE Amsterdam



KVK: 76615979

BTW: NL 860704130B01



Ma-Fri: 7AM to 10PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 5PM

Sunday: 8:00AM to 5PM


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