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Weight loss is 20% working out and 80% a direct result of your food intake. You can work out as much as you like, but without the right food intake you won’t lose that much weight.

At Beyondfit we do not believe in dieting, because that only gives short-term results and leads to the well-known yo-yo effect. We have a solution!

The Beyondfit Weight Loss Program has been developed to achieve permanent results. You will receive a personalized 12 week food program with weekly coaching sessions from our nutritionistLonneke or Sabrinal to keep you on track! After an extensive intake she will create a tailored made plan that fits your lifestyle and personal needs. She takes your schedule, daily routine and weightloss goals into consideration to create the best programme for you! This could be cutting down on carbs, introducing more food variety or adapting to an eating-window like intermittent fasting for example. She has got you covered

Everything about this program is created to guarantee results! We do most of the work, you just have to show up and follow the guidelines;)

The best thing is: you don’t have to do it alone, we have all professionals in-house to ensure a safe and supportive environment to achieve your goals.

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