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Experiences from our customers

Watch the videos below of how Mark and Yolanda experience working out at BeyondFit.

Reviews from our customers

Would you like to know how BeyondFit has improved the lifestyle of our customers? Read the experiences below.

Nicola Mecca

"Contacting this gym and getting a 1-year personal training contract has been hands down one of the best decisions I've ever taken in my life. The staff is approachable and down to earth, the environment is quite relaxed, but you can tell that David is a dedicated professionals who' s clearly driven by passion and really wants you to get better each time you train. The same can be said about every other instructor I had the privilege to train with. Also, the holistic approach, including coaching and a personalised food plan, is hard to beat. I would recommend Beyondfit to anyone, I promise you won't be disappointed! - Nicola Mecca


Marielle de Macker

"I joined Beyondfit in May 2018 - and I'm still a member and probably one of its biggest fans! David and his team consistently manage to make training - whether personal training or small group training - effective and fun. Beyondfit is small-scale, with a personal family feel. Facilities are good, training schedules convenient and flexible, staff friendly and committed. And last but not least, I've never felt so fit and tight as I did before. “


Kareem Selim

"You would never have believed that I weighed over 130 kg relatively recently - a truly amazing feat of losing 50 kg! An even more amazing story is how I got myself into this situation. To avoid military service in my home country, I started eating as much as possible and as a result - I gained more and more weight and failed the test to join the army. Unfortunately, gaining weight was much easier than losing it. Thanks to Beyondfit, after 2 years of hard work and a complete change in my diet, I have regained my fitness. Beyondfit has the best coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists. "


Video reviews from our customers

We have been able to help so many people. Watch the video reviews of our enthusiastic customers below.

Sondos Farag

"Beyondfit is definitely not your typical gym. I always hated gyms, as I found most of them a bit pretentious, with not very healthy environments. I was encouraged to join beyondfit because I felt it was the opposite from the start. It is a small gym in the west of Amsterdam; aesthetically pleasing and with a good range of equipment. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the workouts are never boring. Now that I have been outdoors fit for over a year, I think I am at the strongest I have been in my adult life. Moreover, because the gym focuses on functional training, I have learned how to move better with my old back injury. I am definitely stronger and fitter now than before."


Pawel Kuncicki

"I've been training with Beyondfit for several months now. Couldn't be happier with the results! Professional trainers, good atmosphere and most importantly very satisfying results! It's not just the training, but also dietary advice and progress tracking. Highly recommended!"


Beatrice Arenes

"One of my best decisions was to train at Beyondfit! I still go and I highly recommend it! Everyone is so friendly and professional! And yes, you have fun with hard work 🙂 I currently have PT sessions, I train mainly with Luis, David and Carmen. They help you reach your goal..they advise you..motivate you. Correct you. Ask anything, they take the time to answer! They are professionals, they listen to your needs, they get to know you, your strengths, your weaknesses, they will adapt the training to you and still challenge you. They are also soooo patient and understanding :)! And you can laugh and chat too 🙂 just perfect. This is not just a fitness centre..this is so much learn a lot: body AND mind! These guys are not only professional top trainers but also: great teachers !!! So thumbs up for the whole team."



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