The story of Emese

Would you like to train at Beyondfit and are you curious to know who can help you reach your goals? Then you just might run into Emese.


Emese is a physical therapist, personal trainer and healthcare specialist but most of all someone who
finds the human body fascinating. She is here to help you learn about your body and its changes, build self-confidence and realize your abilities while having fun.

In addition to her enthusiasm for personal training and helping clients achieve their goals, Emese is a big fan of bodyweight training and teaching beginner athletes!


✓ Physical therapy
✓ Personal training
✓ Boxing

"I believe everyone has a purpose in life. My goal is to make you physically and mentally stronger through training and coaching."

Are you curious what Emese can do for you? You can schedule a free intake so together we can look at your goals and determine which way of training is right for you.

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