Losing weight with guidance

Are you not succeeding in losing weight? Losing weight by yourself can be difficult. We give you 6 different ways you can lose weight with guidance.


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Losing weight with guidance from family doctor

If you are overweight, it may be wise to first see a doctor instead of starting out on your own with all kinds of extreme weight loss methods. He can then determine for you what the best option is and who could support you in this. The GP can refer you to a dietician, lifestyle coach, physiotherapist or psychologist, for example.

Losing weight with guidance

Supervised sports

If you want to lose weight, exercise is an essential component. Starting fitness on your own can be overwhelming and you often don't really know where to start. It may then be smart to enlist guidance with exercise. There are several ways to exercise with guidance. First, you can exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer. Together with you, he will draw up a training plan and teach you the form and techniques of different exercises. It is also possible to work out with guidance in group lessons. Because you train in small groups, you still get personal attention so that you perform the exercises correctly. You can also exercise under the supervision of a physical therapist. He will help you learn the correct form and posture so you can exercise without injuries.

Guidance on nutrition

Exercising alone will not give you the ultimate results you would like. Therefore, it is also important to eat healthy food in addition to exercising. There is so much different information out there about nutrition that it can be difficult to know what you should or should not eat. Are you struggling with how to eat healthy? Then it is smart to hire a nutrition coach. The nutrition coach will create a nutrition plan for you and teach you how to adopt a healthy eating pattern.

Losing weight with guidance from a health psychologist

Losing weight is often also about the motivation and perseverance you put in. without sufficient motivation, you often won't persevere for long to lose weight. Losing weight is therefore also something psychological. People who are overweight often suffer from low self-esteem, depression and uncontrolled binge eating which prevents them from maintaining a healthy lifestyle for long. A psychologist can help you better understand your thinking patterns so that you know where the problem lies that is preventing you from losing weight.

Guidance by lifestyle coach

You will only get the best results if you know how to find a good combination between sufficient exercise, a good diet and the right mindset. A lifestyle coach can help you with that. To lose weight, you will have to change your whole lifestyle and find a good balance. A lifestyle coach gives advice on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep and stress management. In our other article, we tell you all about lifestyle coaching and exactly how a lifestyle coach can help you.

Guidance from Beyondfit

Want to lose weight with guidance? Then Beyondfit can help you. We are a small family of lifestyle coaches, a dietician, personal trainer and physical therapists all under one roof. This allows us to safely guide you in losing weight. Curious about what we can do for you? Schedule a free intake and discuss your options with one of our coaches.

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